Access one of the youngest talent pools in Europe

The quality of Cork’s talent pool is core to its success. Cork is the second largest area in Ireland and with a population of more than 550,000, we have an abundance of homegrown talent and one of the youngest workforces across Europe providing a ready labour supply.  Cork is also set to expand rapidly in the next two decades with ambitious growth plans in place both for Cork City and key towns within the wider Cork region. This growth will be further stimulated by Cork becoming the second largest English speaking city in the EU after March 2019.

Cork is also a proven attractive location for both international students and experienced professionals looking for the next step in their career. Over the last two decades, Cork has evolved into a cosmopolitan region that is home to more than 100 nationalities and thousands of international students. 40% of Cork city centre residents were born outside of Ireland.


Existing talent in Cork

In Cork, we’re lucky to have a huge depth and breadth of talent supporting our indigenous businesses and foreign investors.  The foundation of our talent pool lies in the quality of our education system and third level institutions.  The senior management teams in most of our major companies include senior professionals that were educated at either University College Cork (UCC) or Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). These alumni continue to build and develop their academic relationships both at a personal and company level, ensuring a commitment to professional development and a collaborative ethos between business and academia that is evidence throughout.

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Opportunities in Cork

Cork continues to attract back diaspora as well as senior professionals from other countries. They are attracted to work and live in Cork due to the attractive mix of career opportunities, quality of life, safety and security and an excellent education system.

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Study in Cork

Hosting over 35,000 students, Cork welcomes, nurtures and celebrates the success of its students. They make a critical contribution to our talent pipeline that is at the heart of innovation and competitiveness for the Cork Region.

Many of our international students choose to make Cork their home after their studies given the abundance of employment opportunities and the quality of life.

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