Software development

George Boole was the first professor of Mathematics at what is now University College Cork (UCC). His Boolean logic, conceived in the mid-1800s, became the bedrock of information technology over a century later. His legacy lives on in the city where he made history. Today, Cork is an established European technology hub. And software development is one of its most vibrant areas.

Cork's tech boom

The whole tech sector has experienced significant growth in the last 5 years, with 63 percent increase in employment in that time*. With cutting edge development in areas like cybersecurity, life sciences, supply chain management, manufacturing, maritime, financial services and enterprise applications, Cork is now internationally recognised for its capability in this area.

Cork is also a recognised centre for hardware, electronics, could computing and technical support within the technology sector.

*[email protected], 2018

80 percent of tech workers relocating to the Cork region say their work/life balance has improved.

Collins, Cork Tech Talent Relocation Survey 2017

In the footsteps of giants

Cork’s world-class research, industry-focused third level education and ethos of innovation have attracted more than 60 Tech Companies to the region’s vibrant technology sector, with over half of these establishing software development functions.

In Cork, sector giants like Apple, Dell EMC, Red Hat, Qualcomm, Intel and IBM mix with hugely successful homegrown software companies like DeCare, Teamwork and Core HR.


“Looking back, moving to Cork was the right decision. It has provided tremendous opportunities for me career-wise and is a very liveable, fun and family-friendly city.”

Joe Driver, EMEA Sales Director, AlienVault, Cork

Taking it to the next level

As well as the large numbers of highly skilled professionals attracted to work in the sector here by excellent employment opportunities and the superb quality of life, Cork’s third level education institutions are skilling large numbers of talented graduates in every area of software development.

Specialised degrees/world class research

Cork’s two third level education providers, University College Cork (UCC) and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) are both highly focused on producing top quality software graduates and collaborate closely with leading employers, tailoring specialised BScs and MSc level degrees in software related disciplines, while they and the Tyndall National Institute offer world-class research facilities in this and other high tech areas.
The Boole Centre for Research in Informatics is an ambitious project bringing together the expertise of the School of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Computer Science (CS) at University College Cork to carry out interdisciplinary research under the banner of Informatics.
Nimbus Centre is at the forefront of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things research. Cyber-physical systems use sensors, electronics, computing and communication to link the physical world and the people in it with the cyber world of the Internet. Cyber-physical systems power the Internet of Things, industrial automation and robotics, autonomous vehicles, green energy, e-health and many other smart applications. Our research is constantly creating new possibilities, capable of improving the world we live in.
Undertaking business focused, customer-led research to address challenges and provide technology solutions in relation to financial services.
The Health Information Systems Research Centre seeks to maximise the benefit of adopting information systems within community and hospital healthcare.
The Cork Science and Innovation Park is a significant new initiative that will come onstream in 20xx. The 70 ha Park will bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, academics and technology intensive enterprises to drive the innovation agenda regionally and nationally.