Cork means business

Cork is a thriving foreign investment hub, facilitated by our connectivity, collaboration and innovation.

Investors are important in the Cork region, and we also have a growing number of leading indigenous companies helping to grow the local economy, underpinned by a vibrant retail environment and growing city, the public sector and a world class tourism offer.

Domestic and international businesses are working with us to access our fast-growing region and leverage Cork’s advanced expertise and skills.

Cork is well connected

Cork offers Tier 1 connectivity with the lowest telecoms latency between the EU and US (USA-UK 100 Gbit/s fibre network via Cork). In addition, a new sub-sea cable is planned connecting Cork to mainland Europe via France.

Cork’s connectivity is boosted by Ireland’s second largest airport, which provides access to over 50 international destinations including transatlantic air routes. Cork is home to the second largest natural harbour in the world, handling exports and imports of sea-borne trade and welcoming visitors through Ireland’s only dedicated cruise berth.

Dublin Airport provides many additional international options and is easily accessible. Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is located just 250km away.  An hourly intercity rail service takes you there in just 2 hours and 20 mins. A journey by the road network takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The Port of Cork is ideally positioned for European trading as well as direct deep sea shipping services, promoting the development of trade and economic growth in a global market. It is the key seaport in the south of Ireland and is one of only two Irish ports which service the requirements of all six shipping modes – Lift-on Lift-off, Roll-on Roll-off, Liquid Bulk, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Cruise.

Collaboration in action

There’s a strong commitment to collaboration in Cork and an understanding that a supportive environment brings mutual success.  There are a wide range of formal and informal business support networks including the regional branch of IBEC, Cork’s Chamber of Commerce and Cork Business Association.  Industry alignment and co-operation is also a deeply ingrained principle with University College Cork (UCC) and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

Embedded innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. Cork has a real depth and strength in R&D Services. As well as working collaboratively with private sector partners over the long term, enhancing and often leading their innovation agendas, our range of research centres are increasingly providing contract research for international hi tech businesses.

The Tyndall Institute is at the fore of this service and has worked with companies such as Phillips, Rohm and Endeco to enhance and supplement their in-house R&D capabilities. Tyndall has specific capabilities in materials, photonics and energy and provides world leading expertise for companies on a cost-effective and flexible basis.

Cork is developing a multi-million euro landmark Science and Innovation Park that will greatly boost the research facilities in the region.  Research has also been a key component in Cork’s success as a destination for foreign investors and globalizing local businesses. There is a broad array of research centres across many industries.

Land & Property

Cork is a critical nexus of growth in Ireland’s National Development Plan and will significantly develop scale and capability as the key economic powerhouse for the southern region of Ireland.  Significant investments have been made by regional, national and international property developers and agents and the Docklands redevelopment encompasses residential and Grade A office accommodation.

Leading property developers in the area include:

JCD Group

O’Callaghan Properties

O’Flynn Group


A commitment to upskilling

Our third level institutions provide training services to businesses in areas spanning personal development through to specific technical development.

Additional vocational training services are also available through Further Education colleges, government programmes and bespoke training facilities that have been developed by companies themselves. We have a regional skills forum which is working across industry and education to ensure skills development is focused in both the right areas and at the right capacity to enable continued economic growth and success.

Some of the key skills and training facilities are detailed below:

Cork Training Centre – providing a range of practical development courses from IT through to healthcare and beauty.

Cork College of Commerce – the largest Further Education college in Ireland providing a broad range of courses.